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FAQ /  Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brocante Terraza a restaurant?

We are not open to the public, we only rent our spaces for totally private events.

Where is Brocante Terraza located?

We are located in Pedregal 55, Lomas Virreyes.

We have two spaces. Brocante Botánico, a solarium on the ground floor and Brocante Terraza, on the upper floor.

How many people can be seated with the furniture included in the rent of the space?

We have the capacity to seat a maximum of 60 people. There is no minimum required to hold an event with us and you can bring outside furniture if you wish.

What is the maximum capacity?

Our maximum capacity is 90 people cocktail party.

What is the latest I can be in the venue?

The space must be empty at 1:00 am and the required staff must be hired until that time.

The drinks bar can be contracted until 12:00 a.m. and the music turns off at 12:30 a.m. You decide the duration of your event. The staff and drinks are hired by the hour and are quoted separately.

What does the cost of the rent include?

The rent includes furniture to seat 60 people, audiovisual equipment and 2 parking spaces. It does not include staff, food, drinks, parking or additional services, but they can be hired separately.

How can I reserve a date for my event?

To save your date, it is required to pay 50% of the rent and fill out the contract online.

When should any payment related to my event be settled?

The event must be settled 21 days before and you can add services up to 1 week before.

What are the payment options?

You can pay by debit or credit card at our terminal (if you require an invoice and covering VAT and commission), cash and transfer.

What services do you offer?

You can contract everything with us. Food, drinks, staff and extra services so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Do you charge corkage?

We do not charge corkage, you can enter with the bottles you like. It is important to hire the bar staff and the mixer bar (which includes glassware, soft drinks and ice) or enter it externally.

Can I bring my caterer?

Yes, you can enter with your caterer, covering the $2,000 fee for use and maintenance of our kitchen.

What time can I check in with my providers at no additional cost?

Our staff opens the space 3 hours before the event or from 10:00 am from Monday to Saturday (whichever applies). If you need to enter out of shift, you can hire a person from our team for $500.

When do I get my security deposit (10k MXN) back?

At the end of the dismantling of the event, the guarantee deposit is returned upon delivery of the space without damage.

Can I bring a DJ?

Only the DJ recommended by us is allowed, no external DJs are allowed. The cost is $9,000 per event or to negotiate directly with him. It can be hired until 12:30 am.

Can I bring external providers?

If you can take your suppliers covering some necessary internal services (such as cleaning, valet parking and use of the kitchen if required) and following the regulations for external suppliers.

What is included when contracting the catering service with Brocate?

We include 4 different options of crockery and napkins, and the plate. Does not include waiters but you can hire them. If you bring an external chef, we can rent our crockery, napkins and plaqué, also hiring our waiters.

Do you work based on commission with planners, agencies or suppliers?

We do not have a commission scheme.

Where can I see the available dates?

Here you can check availability in real time:

How can I request a quote?

The fastest way to get a quote is by filling out the following form:

We send it in less than 24 hours and we get in touch with you.

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